Dictionary distribution to Queen of Peace and St. Joe Elementary went very well last Friday. As we look forward to the distribution efforts taking place this Friday, please prepare to pick up the materials for each school you signed up for after our Thursday meeting. Feel free to take a photo during distribution efforts in the classroom, but only with the teacher's permission, and remember that we cannot post photos without the express permission of parents if a child's face is discernible.

The general consensus is that Lynette Goodson did a good job catering for us last week and we will be utilizing her services in the foreseeable future. Make sure you join us in the coming weeks so you too can enjoy what she prepares for us!

October 26th Meeting Info:
Program: Ken Prince - Mishawaka City Planner
Greeters: Norma Jean and Jon Kintner
Lynette's Meal: Baked chicken and gravy with rice, sweat peas, corn bread, and strawberry cheesecake

Upcoming Events:
Dictionary Distribution - Friday, October 27th

In Service,

Bryan Tanner

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Unfortunately, the great pictures of the 3rd graders at Mishawaka Catholic disappeared from my phone, BUT......what a GREAT group of students! So polite, very appreciative, and they listened and learned about the history of Helen Keller and Lions Club International! Use your dictionary/thesauruses well, now, and for years to come! ...

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What a wonderful lunch we had today at our noon meeting! A great BIG thank you to Lynette Goodson, our new caterer! THANK YOU! Everything was wonderful. ...

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Mishawaka Lion Becky Wertz shared a few photos from the mission trip to Huanimaro Mexico:

Mission is finished! Fitted over 3200 people with glasses!

When you donate your used eyeglasses, a tremendous series of efforts follows:

- Lions collect the eyeglasses donations
- Eyeglasses are sorted
- They are then washed thoroughly
- Prescription strength is measured and verified
- They are packaged and marked for prescription and size for youth or adults
- They are boxed and stored as supplies are built up
- Plans are coordinated with another Lions Club in Central America
- 15,000+ eyeglasses are shipped to the location in advance
- Lions from our district plan an itinerary and travel to Central America
- Thousands of men, women, and children are tested for vision and fitted for glasses over the course of a week
- 4-5 times as many glasses than are needed are available on site, because there is no way to predict prescription or size needs
- Extra eyeglasses are left behind for the local Lions Club to continue their mission of Sharing The Vision within their community
- District lions travel back to Northern Indiana and start the planning and collection process all over again for next year!

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Mishawaka Lions Kirstin Rhinehart and Becky Wertz are currently on an eyeglasses mission in Mexico with several other Lions from our district. Here's a pic of Kirstin keeping the mood light after serving 668 people today. The group has screened and fitted nearly 2,500 people with glasses so far on their mission trip.

Great work, Lions! We look forward to your return and stories from the trip.

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